Uses of Metal Detectors

You have probably seen a metal detector before. All airports have them and most shopping centers or shopping malls have them at the entrances. They are usually upright shaped like a door entrance with lights on the sides and on top. When you pass through the metal detector and you have something made of metal on you, it will beep and the lights will start flashing. Metal detectors in airports and in shopping malls are there to ensure that no one is taking dangerous weapons, like guns or knives, inside the airport or shopping mall. Not only can they detect weapons such as guns or knives, they can also detect bombs that have metal components and other dangerous items. It may be quite annoying to have to pass through a metal detector and remove all the metal items on your, including your belt buckle or your earrings. Although it may be annoying, you are ensuring the safety of everyone going to board the plane or those entering the shopping mall. Read more great facts, click here.

Metal detectors are not only used in public buildings to prevent dangerous weapons or dangerous items from entering, but they are also used in the food industry. Especially meat factories where meat is chopped up by metal blades, metal detectors are very important. After the metal blades have chopped meat up, the meat is passed through a big metal detector by a conveyor. The metal detector will detect any fragments of metal that may have chipped off from the blades while they were chopping up the meat. These fragments can be very dangerous if they are not removed from the meat because they could end up in anyone's throat if it made its way into homes or restaurants. It is becoming a standard food safety protocol to have food passed through a metal detector to ensure that no harmful metal objects are slipped into the food that could potentially be very harmful to the consumer. Take a look at this link for more information.

The other more popular use for metal detectors is to detect metal objects or items that are under the ground. Many people use metal detectors do find treasure or other ancient artifacts that have been buried under the ground over the years. They can also be used to check for any piping systems under the ground before a hole is dug into the ground. This will ensure that the digging job goes well and is not halted due to an old piping system.t